For generations people have come to church to be married – sometimes as members of the congregation but often because they have a local connection or just want to choose a beautiful setting and St Cuthbert’s is a very beautiful Church with attractive grounds.

To clarify a few points:
You do not have to be a member of the church to get married here, all are welcome, your marriage is as legally binding as in a registry office.

If you have been married before and are divorced, the clergy can marry you with the bishop’s permission (this is usually granted).

In June 2017 the Scottish Episcopal Church decided that all marriages, including same-sex marriages, can now be celebrated in their ‘opted in’ churches and St.Cuthbert’s is one of the churches which has ‘opted in’ – see more

For more information, or to discuss a Wedding or a Church Blessing, please contact:
Revd. Nicki McNelly
0131 441 7580