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St Cuthbert’s Notes

9 August 2020

St Cuthbert’s Private Prayer

The Church (church only) is currently open for private prayer on Monday and Thursday, 2pm to 3pm, abiding by all government guidelines and following the instructions for visiting the church given by the Vestry of St Cuthbert’s. If you have any queris please contact


The church will not be open week beginning 17 August.

Margaret Dineley is available for pastoral emergencies August 15 – 22.


View the full service each week, including readings, intercessions, and the hymns played by Philip using this link to our YouTube Channel:

Weekly Prayer:

Gracious God, there are times when my ability to trust seems absent. My heart longs for truth and i even find within me a kernel of desire to believe, but my mind seems unable to grasp the truth and belief that I seek. Let your sure and true presence wash over me, shedding shafts of light where only darkness resides, and in those shafts of light may I see the outline of your face. I ask this for the sake of your love. Amen.

Christian Aid:

The coronavirus crisis continues to grow across the world. But in the global South the pandemic could push half a billion more people into poverty. The Central African Republic has just 3 ventilators for almost 5 million people. Malawi has only a quarter of the nurses needed to provide healthcare for all its citizens.  Fundraising at the moment is difficult.   We can’t hold major events BUT we have come up with a small-scale idea: We hope that some of you would invite a few friends for coffee, tea or something stronger, and ask them for a donation to Christian Aid. Hosts could then pass the money on through the JustGiving link or in an envelope to 9 Thorburn Road. 

Many thanks, Patricia.