Same-sex Marriage

St. Cuthbert’s purpose is to invite everyone to discover God’s love through our worship and community life. This means that we try to be a fully inclusive congregation, to offer pastoral care and support to all, and to respond to everyone who asks us for prayer.

We will always offer affirmation and respect to those who want to live in loving, faithful, committed relationships, whatever their gender or sexual orientation.

Since December 2014 in Scotland same-sex couples have been enabled to enter into marriage on an equal basis with others, and in June 2017 the Scottish Episcopal Church decided that all marriages, including same-sex marriages, can now be celebrated in church online propecia no prescription using its Marriage Liturgy and according to the same requirements as other marriages. It recognises that not all of its members accept the principle of equal marriage, and clergy and congregations are under no obligation to ‘opt in’ to celebrating same-sex marriages.

St. Cuthbert’s, however, is ‘opting in’, and is pleased to extend a warm welcome to all couples who would like to celebrate their marriage in church. The clergy will be happy to meet you to arrange a marriage service and prepare for it. To find out more, please contact the Rector:

Revd. Nicki McNelly
0131 441 7580