Young People

Young People at St Cuthbert’s

The first Sunday of the month is an all-age worship where the hymns, readings, prayers and sermon are accessible for all. The children are encouraged to sit at the front to see what is going on and join in at all stages of the service.

On all other Sundays in term time primary school aged children meet together during the Sunday morning service. The children join the congregation for the first hymn and prayer and then move through to the hall for stories, singing and craft following a theme before returning to their families for communion and the final hymn.

Recently the children have enjoyed exploring the Liturgy using the Diocesan Play Church

The teenagers in the congregation meet one Sunday evening a month with Nicki to eat cake, have fun, discuss issues relevant to them & explore faith. They take an active role in the main service on the first Sunday of the month. Our teenagers are also keen to be a part of the out-reach of the church and help on a rota at the Food Bank in their holidays and sometimes visit Brew & a Blether to entertain or help.

At the end of January our youth group visited Escape Edinburgh. They were locked in The Magic Emporium room and managed to escape in 56 minutes. A good team effort was celebrated with supper at Pizza Express.