Lady Chapel Windows

The February 1935 Church Magazine has the following entry:

Lady chapel window.

Virgin and Child

Centre light given by Mrs Hodgson in memory of her boy William Francis, (born 2nd Dec 1912 buried 26th Sept 1921 Colinton churchyard). Father Arthur Hammond Francis Hodgson occupation Gentleman, abode Deveron Colinton, mother Annie Isabel Hodgson.

NB There’s a note in Oct 1937 magazine re AHF Hodgson being about to leave Scotland and thanking him for his services to church.

He was: Lay Rep 1920-1921, Peoples Warden from 1920 -1937, Lay Elector 1927 – 1937.St.George


Right hand light given by Mrs Simson in memory of her son David Henry, Lieut, King’s Own Scottish Borderers (born 3rd Oct 1907 buried 3rd Feb 1931) 

Father Robert Simson occupation Writer to the Signet, abode Ravensworth Colinton, appointed churchwarden 1909, mother Mabel Fraser Simson. (Robert Simson was buried Oct 1926). 


QueenMLeft hand light given by Mrs Perry in memory of her father the late Sir Henry Littlejohn.

The June 2014 Issue of The Sign, our Church Magazine,  has an article – One of our Windows – with more information about Sir Henry Littlejohn, below are some extracts:
Sir Henry Littlejohn (1826-1914) was an outstanding Edinburgh medical man. After graduating in medicine from Edinburgh University he obtained the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons, became Police Surgeon and then Medical Officer of Health. He managed to convince the town council, which was almost bankrupt at the time, to inaugurate proper sanitation throughout Edinburgh and later to build a fever hospital – the former City Hospital. His daughter, Mrs Perry, was married to the Very Rev Perry who was rector of St.Cuthbert’s from 1929 – 1939.

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