Pancake Party 2021!

February has been a fast moving month for me. I always feel that you could blink and miss it. It had one of my favourite days in the whole year which is Shrove Tuesday. Pancakes are definitely a favourite food and one that my children enjoy too. We had drop scones for snack and pancakes for dinner. I have never been someone who has given up something for lent but I have always felt that Shrove Tuesday is a celebration of super tasty food whether sweet or savoury which you can give to God and celebrate his bountiful creation. It is also a time to say sorry and go forwards into Lent with a clear head so you can develop a closer relationship with God as you follow the ministry of Jesus through lent to Easter.

This Shrove Tuesday, we celebrated on zoom at it was nice to see everyone’s pancakes – blackened, bought, small or large and covered in chocolate spread! Eva got the prize for having eaten 5 pancakes that day. A good record!