Bishop Bob’s Talk – Thursday 29 September

Bishop Bob’s Talks                     

The New Testament abounds in pithy phrases used as descriptions of Jesus.  Such phrases can mean something very different to us in our culture than they meant to a 1st-century Jew or a 1st-century Gentile.

For example, for a Greek-speaking Roman to call Jesus “a son of God” was a great compliment but did not imply that he was divine.  But for a 1st-century Jew, the suggestion of plurality in the Godhead offended scandalously against the fundamental Jewish belief that there is only one God, and no other divine beings.  What did the early Christians think?

Bishop Bob will be giving the first of several one-off talks – covering four early Christian descriptions of Jesus each time – in our church on

Thursday, 29th September

at 3pm

The first four “descriptions” will be Jesus our Judge, Jesus the Word, Jesus the Messiah, and Jesus, Son of Mary.

All Welcome