Thanksgiving Service June 2021

We had a lovely Thanksgiving Service for Sunday School. The weather was fantastic for outdoor service. We used a theme of coming from darkness into light. Our story was from the Gospel of John and the miracle of Jesus healing the Blind Man.

We each had a plate with sand and chose a Godly Play person to illustrate our healed blind man. We wondered what it must feel like to be able to see. What would be the first thing you would want to see? We had him surrounded by other people representing the pharisees who questioned him. We wondered why they would do this. Some of the members of the Sunday School thought that the pharisee’s thought he might be lying, or pretending to see. They suggested the pharisees might ask him how many fingers they were holding up.

We then threw our people from the “Temple” (sand) as the pharisees had thrown out the blind man. We wondered how the pharisees really felt about that and how the blind man would feel. Where would he go and what could he do now?

After this we discussed how going from darkness to light can be something physical like night to day, or being able to open your eyes and see. However the pharisees had seen and refused to believe. We wondered if they were scared of Jesus or if they realised deep down that they had broken God’s Law.

We continued discussing through having a snack and doing a craft (creating a lighthouse) so we would always be able to see Jesus’ path.