Toilet Twinning

On Sunday 19th November we had a Toilet Twinning Sunday.See more at about the idea of Toilet Twinning.

Having ascertained that everybody in the church had the use of a toilet in their home, our young people gave a graphic presentation about what they would do if they had no toilet. One of them produced a spade, another a bucket and another a plastic bag. We thought about what it would be like to live without a toilet.

On 26th November, Stir Up Sunday, there was a ‘picnic’ lunch following the 10.30am service. As well as filling our own picnic bag, there were stalls where some of the congregation were selling things they had made,  there was also a tombola and  a model railway challenge.

Between the collection on the first Sunday and the sales from the second, over £650 was raised. The aim was to ‘twin’ our 3 church toilets @ £60 per toilet but it now looks as if we can twin at least 10 toilets.

3rd December update. Over £800 has now been collected!