Lent 2021

Light and Energy: Genesis 1:1-3

Prayer for Week 1: Lord, thank you for the light and energy that we use everyday. We pray that we try to use less energy so that can combat climate change together. Help us to make differences everywhere we can. Amen.

Notice all the light around you – artificial and natural. Think about all the differences it can make. Try and remember to turn off plugs and lights when they are not in use. If you can, walk, cycle or scoot rather than take the car – think of benefits to your own health as well those around you and for the environment. Thank God for light, heat and all the people who have access and hope for those who do not. There are nearly a billion more people who have electricity in their home than ten years ago.   

Water: Psalm 65: 9-13

Prayer for Week 2: Creator God, we thank you for water we have to drink, cook, clean and play with. We pray that everyone uses water wisely and shares it fairly. Amen.

Giving thanks for all the clean and safe water we have access to. Pray for those who do not have this access. Look at ways that you could support this as a family or maybe suggest it to your school or in Church. Find out about “virtual water” How much water goes into making your clothes? your food? www.waterfootprint.org Care for areas around water like beside the canal, river or when you are on the beach – try to take a bag with you and pick up any rubbish lying around.

Land and Plants: Genesis 1: 9-13

Prayer for Week 3: Thank you God for the beauty of nature. We ask you help us to protect all your plants and trees. Show us how to tread more gently on the Earth. Amen.

Spend time outside -whatever the weather. Notice the plants, trees and wildlife. Trees are really important for everything and everyone around them. Do you know why they are so different? Trees are made into paper – can you think of ways you can use less paper? Such as making sure you use both sides of a page and recycling all you can. Give thanks for all those who work hard to conserve the Earth. Pray for those who work hard to tackle Climate Change and for those in a position to work towards more sustainability.

Stars and Seasons:  Psalm 104:1-4,19-23

Prayer for Week 4:  Heavenly Father, help us to know your loving presence with us through the day and the night, and in every season of our lives. Amen

Try praying everyday – in the morning and at night. Wake up asking God to bless your day and thank God for your day before you go to sleep.  Gaze at the nights sky – count the stars (on a clear night) Enjoy the wonders of the skies.  Pause to look at God’s creation and consider how it changes over the year.  Why do we need darkness?

Creatures of the Sea and Sky:  Genesis 1: 20-23

Prayer for Week 5:   Lord of the sea and sky, we are amazed by your wonderous creation. As the people of the world, we need to act together to ensure the oceans and the air are protected. Amen.

Have you seen the amazing animals that live in the sea? Have a look online for a programme or footage of God’s incredible creatures.  Can you use less plastic? What things do you have which you could switch for environmentally friendly versions?  Could you make a bird feeder for your garden? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yV6V6rtpyc

Humans and Other Animals:  Genesis 1:24-31

Prayer for Week 6:  Father, help us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus serving other people, caring for you animals and for your earth which you have entrusted us with. Amen.

How many animals can you see when you are out and about? Can you think of any Bible stories with animals in them? Give thanks for all you have – the food on the table and for those who you share it with.

Over the last 40 days we have been thinking about creation and the environment. Can you write a prayer about our world – what do you think needs to be prayed for the most.

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