Young People

Young People at St Cuthbert’s

The first Sunday of the month is an all-age worship where the hymns, readings, prayers and sermon are accessible for all. The children are encouraged to sit at the front to see what is going on and join in at all stages of the service.

On all other Sundays in term time primary school aged children meet together during the Sunday morning service. The children join the congregation for the first hymn and prayer and then move through to the hall for stories, singing and craft following a theme before returning to their families for communion and the final hymn. This term our theme is heroes of the Old Testament.

The teenagers in the congregation meet one Sunday evening a month with Nicki to eat cake, have fun, discuss issues relevant to them & explore faith. They take an active role in the main service on the first Sunday of the month. Our teenagers are also keen to be a part of the out-reach of the church and help on a rota at the Food Bank in their holidays and sometimes visit Brew & a Blether to entertain or help. We regularly have social outings. Most recent being a visit to Pizza Express followed by a team challenge at Escape the Room. See below.


Welcome BBQ
On Sunday 3rd September we marked the beginning of the school year with a lively service followed by a BBQ for our youngsters and families. The readings and prayers were led by our teenagers. The younger children enjoyed playing Follow my Leader down the aisle with Nicki as part of the sermon and joining in the actions for some of the hymns. The sun shone on our church garden for a tasty BBQ: a chance to swap holiday stories, meet new friends and for the children to bond over games.


End of term outing for our young people

Our young people enjoyed an end of term outing on Sunday 11th June. They ate like kings at Pizza Express (courtesy of Tesco vouchers!) and enjoyed catching up on all their news in addition to deciding who had the best pudding. The next part of the trip involved finding the Holy Grail whilst being locked in a room! Escape Edinburgh was the destination and our fearless 6 had one hour to solve logic puzzles and find clues in order to be released from the Da Vinci Room. At 59 mins 50 seconds they burst out triumphant. They enjoyed the experience feeling they all had an opportunity to contribute, finding it interesting to watch each other figure out puzzles, liking the mix of easy and difficult pictures and are asking when they can go again.

Activities in 2016

Sarah says:

“All young people of secondary school age are welcome at our Teenagers’ Group.  Participation, fun and cake are on the menu!”



The 12 Days of Christmas, St.Cuthbert’s style, was performed by the younger members for Congregation at the end of the morning service on 11th December – see more


On 3rd December our young people entertained at ‘A Brew and a Blether’


easter-presentationOn Sunday 1st May 2016 the young people visited our neighbours in Thorburn Manor to perform an Easter presentation. It took the form of a series of monologues, interspersed with songs and hymns, telling the events of Easter from the point of view of five eyewitnesses (Simon Peter, Andrew, Mary Magdalen, Pontious Pilate and a Roman Centurian).


Saturday 27th August saw some of our young people, and helpers, head to Port Edgar for akayaking session see more


Activities in past years


12th December  2015 – Young People’s trip to the RYZE Trampoline Park.



Tableau13th December 2015 – during the 10.30am service the children and teenagers presented:
‘The birth of Jesus – 5 snapshots’.

The fifth one depicted ‘the flight into Egypt’



June 23rd 2015 – Sunday School/Congregational Picnic.
Rounders outside but picnic inside – weather was a bit cool and damp.


2015 – Stills from the video of ‘The Easter Story’

Hands Easter Story Feet


EasterEggsEaster Egg Hunters 2015


The young people of St Cuthbert’s enjoyed a Christmas treat after church on 14th December 2014. Fun was had at the Helter Skelter. Initial tentative steps on the ice developed into flowing glides (at least from Emma & Libby) on the skating rink at St Andrew’s Square. The afternoon was rounded off with tasty pizza and a warm up at Pizza Express on North Bridge.









THE PRAYER-WALK November 2014.
In preparing for intercessions recently, our young people were inspired by a
prayer walk which they took around Colinton. They stopped at places which
helped them to pray for people in need.
As they walked between places they sang Kum by yah. We are invited now to
join them on their prayer walk through Colinton.

PWalk1Father, please help us to re-use, recycle
and reduce waste so that we can reduce
pollution and be good stewards of your
world. We remember the people who
collect, sort and recycle our rubbish
(“ Kum By Yah, My Lord……”)

PWalk2Father we thank you that we have clean water and toilets. We pray for
those in countries who don’t have access
to clean water and sanitation and that we
can help raise money for charities which
help them. We remember plumbers who
keep our pipes working.
(“Someone’s thirsty Lord, Kum By Yah……”)

PWalk4Father we thank you for the rain and sun
that help our crops grow well and that we
have more than enough food. We pray for
the countries with drought and wars
stopping food production. Help us to share
our bounty
(“Someone’s hungry Lord, Kum By Yah……”)


Father we pray for the doctors and nurses
who work in Colinton and for all the ill
people who they help.
(“Someone’s hurting Lord, Kum By Yah……”)

PWalk6Father we pray for the elderly and those who need extra help and support. We pray for those who are
lonely. We thank you for the carers at
Thorburn Manor & Cairdean.
(“Someone’s lonely Lord, Kum By

PWalk7Father we pray for those who have died
and especially those who we love. I
remember especially my dad
(“Someone’s dying Lord, Kum By
Merciful Father, Accept these prayers in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord
Amen Megan Emmerson

Kathryn’s trip to Thailand
After the 10.30am Service on Sunday 23rd November Kathryn gave a slide show presentation in the hall.  It was all about her gap year trip to Thailand where she was teaching in a school. While she was away she sent letters home and some were published in the Church Magazine. They can be found in the March, April & July/August 2014 editions of the Sign by following this link: From the Sign


For Remembrance Sunday 2014 the young people researched family members who had fought in World War 1. To view


On 31st August 2014 Bishop John confirmed five of the younger members of the congregation.

Confirmation 31st August
Confirmation 31st August


On Sunday, June 22  2014  the young people of the congregation gave a concert to mark the end of the school year and to raise money for a special project. Below is the description of the project as given by Calum and Michael.
Why did we do this concert?
It’s connected with Michael’s Godfather, who is also called Michael! To avoid confusion we refer to him as Uncle Michael.
Some years ago Uncle Michael went to Sri Lanka on holiday. He like it so much he went back a second time, then a third. Each time he stayed in the town of Galle. Galle is a large town on the coast. 400 years ago the Dutch built a major fort there, with walls that surround the old town.
The third time he was there was 10 years ago: 2004. Christmas.
He woke on Boxing Day morning to find the townspeople lining the walls, gazing out over the devastation caused by the tsunami. The old part of the town was OK. The villages along the beach were not.
Uncle Michael had just invested in a mobile phone. Friends from Ireland checked he was OK. Because he was on the spot, some friends transferred money to him, so that he could help at least a few people. He met the owner of the beach cafe where he had often had coffee: his business was in ruins. What was he going to do now? He was going to try to set up his cafe again, as there were still tourists there. Uncle Michael helped him buy some plastic chairs and tables, and a kettle. These things didn’t cost much, but they meant that the man could earn money to look after his family.
Christmas 2005: Uncle Michael was back in Sri Lanka, with some more money given by friends, and raised by his Scottish Dancing Class. In the meantime money had poured into the island so that people could replace the homes they had lost, and so that they could rebuild their lives.
Since Easter our First Sunday group has been looking at disasters, natural and man-made. A couple of weeks ago Patricia asked us to build Lego houses. She thought it would only take us about 10 minutes – she’d forgotten how even teenagers like Lego! 35 minutes later we had built 3 amazing houses. She asked us ‘What makes a house?’ Eventually we decided that the minimum requirements for a house are 4 walls and a roof.
What Uncle Michael found a year after the tsunami were a number of new houses built from breeze blocks. We’re talking about houses with just one or two rooms, except they weren’t quite finished. Yes, they had 4 walls. No, they didn’t have roofs.
So, where were the people living? In huts beside their new houses. The huts had one room, they were made of wood, or corrugated iron. They were damp. The money was used that year to buy the material needed to put roofs on a few houses. Since then he has been back most years, taking about £3,000 each time. And still, even after 10 years, there are people living in terrible conditions because they cannot afford a roof for their house.


Where does the money come from? He teaches a Bridge class every week; his church gives him some; Scottish dances are held; friends help out. It is not a registered charity. It is one man doing something to help in a very small way.
We want to thank the congregation for coming to our concert and for giving a wonderful £236. Uncle Michael writes, “Please thank all those who took part or attended and tell them that I appreciate very much their generous and very welcome contribution to the Tsunami Fund’.
Calum Gourley and Michael Brignall


18th April 2014 – Good Friday Children’s Service


St.Cuthbert’s first ‘Messy Church’

March 4th 2014  saw the first ‘Messy Church’ at St.Cuthbert’s.  As it was Shrove Tuesday the activities concluded with a Pancake Party. The children came with their parents and there were several adult helpers who led the activities.

The children listened to a story and then could choose from different craft activities including beadwork and painting or could play with toys. The baby found an extra activity – exploring under the communion rail. The big craft project was a ‘hand’ painted tree.

After the  crafts there were pancake races, then ‘grace’ before refreshments – including pancakes of course!


The Good Samaritan.
The Sunday School has been looking at the parables this term . They retold the story of the Good Samaritan in the form of a photo story. See the notice board in the church hall for the full story.
IMG_0826 for web
IMG_0827 for web


The Eucharist.

For Easter 2013 the Sunday School  had been talking about The Eucharist and looked at Leonardo DaVinci’s Last Supper. We decided to try and recreate it. First we painted the background. Next we set a table with a stone chalice and wooden bowl. We all put shawls on and chose which character we were going to represent. We studied our character and made sure our facial expressions and body shape were the same. Megan took pictures of us (in a sequence as some of us played two or even three characters). A photo was taken of our painted background and Mark put them all together on the computer. We are delighted with the finished result.   Maurice liked it so much that he asked us to do a Christmas picture for the Church Christmas Card. We chose Giotto’s Adoration of the Magi (we looked at pictures of Giotto’s frescoes in January when we were telling the story of Jesus’ life). We hope the congregation will enjoy receiving it at Christmas.


First Sunday was  asked to take the service for Epiphany 2013 and, after some discussion, decided on a Christingle service .  Christingle is all about light: Jesus is the Light of the whole world, and the Magi were the representatives of that wider world.

Words fromthe pulpitImage 4






Ben and cabbage



You will see from the photos that a cabbage was used instead of an orange as a cabbage could be better seen by the congregation who  had their own clementines with white birthday-cake candles.


With the help of the children in the Sunday School the group  did the readings, prayers and sermon (split into three short talks). The congregation was  also taught a hymn that is in Hymns Old and New, but that had never been sung in Church  before,” You are the King of Glory”. Two more verses were written , using names of Jesus from the Bible, and some new titles were added.  Most of the First Sunday group  play an instrument, so the “orchestra” consisted of recorder, clarinet, violin, ukelele and saxophone, an interesting mix. Robert would have preferred to play his bagpipes instead of the recorder, but it was  thought that would be a bit overpowering. The sax was loud enough!

Music Group