Young People

Young People at St Cuthbert’s

The first Sunday of the month is an all-age worship where the hymns, readings, prayers and sermon are accessible for all. The children are encouraged to sit at the front to see what is going on and join in at all stages of the service.

On all other Sundays in term time primary school aged children meet together during the Sunday morning service. The children join the congregation for the first hymn and prayer and then move through to the hall for stories, singing and craft following a theme before returning to their families for communion and the final hymn. This term our theme is heroes of the Old Testament.

The teenagers in the congregation meet one Sunday evening a month with Nicki to eat cake, have fun, discuss issues relevant to them & explore faith. They take an active role in the main service on the first Sunday of the month. Our teenagers are also keen to be a part of the out-reach of the church and help on a rota at the Food Bank in their holidays and sometimes visit Brew & a Blether to entertain or help. We regularly have social outings. Most recent being a visit to Pizza Express followed by a team challenge at Escape the Room. See below.


Welcome BBQ
On Sunday 3rd September we marked the beginning of the school year with a lively service followed by a BBQ for our youngsters and families. The readings and prayers were led by our teenagers. The younger children enjoyed playing Follow my Leader down the aisle with Nicki as part of the sermon and joining in the actions for some of the hymns. The sun shone on our church garden for a tasty BBQ: a chance to swap holiday stories, meet new friends and for the children to bond over games.


End of term outing for our young people

Our young people enjoyed an end of term outing on Sunday 11th June. They ate like kings at Pizza Express (courtesy of Tesco vouchers!) and enjoyed catching up on all their news in addition to deciding who had the best pudding. The next part of the trip involved finding the Holy Grail whilst being locked in a room! Escape Edinburgh was the destination and our fearless 6 had one hour to solve logic puzzles and find clues in order to be released from the Da Vinci Room. At 59 mins 50 seconds they burst out triumphant. They enjoyed the experience feeling they all had an opportunity to contribute, finding it interesting to watch each other figure out puzzles, liking the mix of easy and difficult pictures and are asking when they can go again.

Activities in 2016

Sarah says:

“All young people of secondary school age are welcome at our Teenagers’ Group.  Participation, fun and cake are on the menu!”



The 12 Days of Christmas, St.Cuthbert’s style, was performed by the younger members for Congregation at the end of the morning service on 11th December – see more


On 3rd December our young people entertained at ‘A Brew and a Blether’


easter-presentationOn Sunday 1st May 2016 the young people visited our neighbours in Thorburn Manor to perform an Easter presentation. It took the form of a series of monologues, interspersed with songs and hymns, telling the events of Easter from the point of view of five eyewitnesses (Simon Peter, Andrew, Mary Magdalen, Pontious Pilate and a Roman Centurian).


Saturday 27th August saw some of our young people, and helpers, head to Port Edgar for a kayaking session see more


Activities in past years


12th December  2015 – Young People’s trip to the RYZE Trampoline Park.



Tableau13th December 2015 – during the 10.30am service the children and teenagers presented:
‘The birth of Jesus – 5 snapshots’.

The fifth one depicted ‘the flight into Egypt’