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Interregnum Updates

On 6th July 2017  The Rt Revd Dr John Armes, Bishop of Edinburgh, installed The Revd Nicky McNelly as our new rector.

On 9th April 2017 the following was read out in Church by the Rector’s Warden: “We are very pleased to announce that our new Rector will be The Very Reverend Nicki McNelly who is at present Provost of St John’s Cathedral in Oban. Nicki will be joining St Cuthbert’s in the summer”.

On 2nd April 2017, at all three services, the Rector’s Warden announced the following:
“As I am sure you know the interviews took place on Monday to try and select our new Rector. We had three very strong candidates and we had a difficult decision to make. After much reflection and discussion and with the support of the Bishop, we have chosen someone who we would like to welcome to come to St Cuthbert’s as our Rector. You will understand that there are still some processes to be gone through so I cannot give you a name now, and I hope that you will be patient and understand this. The announcement will be made at the same time it both our church and that of our selected candidate and this will be done as soon as possible.
I am most grateful to all those who were involved both on Monday and at the discussions on Wednesday. The congregation were very well served by everyone who undertook these tasks seriously and diligently”.

Vacancy update from the Church Wardens on 5th March 2017.
The closing date for applications has passed and we have sufficient, suitable interest to go ahead with planning interviews. It is our intention that interviews will be held on 27 March. Each candidate will be interviewed by two panels, made up of different people from different perspectives within the congregation. There will also be opportunity for all the Vestry to meet the candidates. It is required that candidates have a meeting with the bishop. All members of the selection groups will have an input into the decision although it is the duty and responsibility of the Vestry to agree the final decision.
The Bishop has made it very clear that information about candidates should remain confidential. He has instructed that candidates should not be discussed , except, of course, at appropriate times and in confidence. We hope that you will understand this and allow the selectors and Vestry to work on this serious decision  quietly and privately.
Please pray for all of those involved as we move forward into what we hope and trust will be the final stage in our finding a new Rector.

The following was posted on12th November 2016
Since Maurice retired, the Vestry has met with both the Bishop and the Dean on different occasions. Both of them have offered guidance and encouraged the Vestry to go ahead without undue delay with the tasks involved in the selection process.
In response to some concerns expressed about the progress of the Interregnum, members of the Vestry will be available to listen to anyone who would like to speak about the process of selecting our new Rector on Thursday 17 November from 6.15 – 7.15, in the Rectory. If you are unable to attend but wish to comment please do so in writing to either of the church wardens before Sunday 20 November.
Posted 12th November 2016


The Vestry is elected from members of the congregation at the Annual General Meeting of the Church. The Rector, the Church Wardens and the Lay Representative are also members of the Vestry.
The duties and responsibilities of the Vestry are described in the Constitution of this church and the guidelines of the Scottish Episcopal Church. As Vestry members are also Charity Trustees they are required to act in accordance with both Canon Law and Charity Law in the best interests of the church.
The Vestry are the decision makers in this community supporting the spiritual work of the Rector and the congregation as well as managing the temporal affairs of the church.


In May 2015 the Vestry had an away Day.