St.Cuthbert’s Secret Knitters – Recent Collections

Knit for Peace December collection

In December a consignment of clothes and teddies was sent to Knit for Peace see the response!
In November a consignment of hats and scarves was delivered to the Diocesan Office for the Mission to Seafarers.

Thanks are due to our Secret Knitters

see information on earlier consignments

Mission to Seafarers November collection

If you would like to knit (or crotchet) something for either the Mission to Seafarers or Knit for Peace there are patterns in a box in the Baptistry.  If you don’t want to knit, but have some wool which you would like to donate, please put in the box.

Knit for Peace would like people to support their appeal to help Syrian & Iraqi Refugees Knit for themselves – see more