Lest we forget WW1

For as long as anyone at St.Cuthbert’s can remember, names of soldiers who died in combat in the ‘Great Wars’ have been read out on Armistice Day as part of our Church’s  Act of Remembrance.  But what did we know about  these men apart from their names?

A member of the congregation decided to find out a bit more about the 11 men who are listed from WW1. With a lot of research she produced a biography of each man who was killed in the conflict and found a photo of all but one of them. Clare McGhee helped to designed the 11 biographies and they were displayed on perspex silhouettes in church to commemorate the 100th anniversary since the end of WW1. These biographies are can be found on the following links:

Alexander Samuel Coull 1894 – 1917

Evelyn Francis Gardiner 1896 – 1916

Frederick Houghton Haden  1898 – 1917

John Russell Benham  1895 – 1915

Bernard Silvester Sturrock  1894 – 1915

Charles Hunt Jardine 1896 – 1918

Ralph Ruthven Wheatley  1892 – 1919

Gerald Turner 1885 – 1915

Sydney Smith  1880 – 1918

Samuel Grant Mellis-Smith  1886 – 1917

John Halliburton Mitchell  1890 – 1917